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Hi, I'm Iljitsch van Beijnum, writer, freelance network engineer and PhD student. I'm from The Hague. Some of the blog posts here are in Dutch, others are in English. See for just work-related posts.

→ 10 myths about psychology, debunked

Great TED talk about ten myths about psychology. I especially found the one about the psychological difference between men and women interesting. Only 2% of women can throw a ball farther than the median man. The two biggest mental differences between men and women are spatial ability and language. But a third of women has better spatial ability than the median man and a third of men is better at language than the median women. That's only 17% off from being completely identical.

❝So it's not really a case of Mars and Venus. It's more a case of, if anything, Mars and Snickers: basically the same, but one's maybe slightly nuttier than the other.❞

Read the article - posted 2015-03-01



Image link - posted 2015-02-28

→ How Bad These Snowden Leaks Have Become

Andy Ihnatko, linking to a statement from Gemalto about the alleged stealing of SIM card encryption keys:

❝Good lord. There’s going to be a monument to Edward Snowden some day and it had better be a damn big one.❞

Read the article - posted 2015-02-25

→ HTTP/2 finished, coming to browsers within weeks

So HTTP 2 multiplexes multiple transfers over a single TCP session. It would be cleaner to do this using SCTP, which implements multiple streams natively. But having to figure out whether you can use SCTP or need to use TCP would be a significant complication, while negotiating the use of HTTP 2 over TCP port 80 should be relatively straightforward.

I'm glad the mandatory encryption didn't happen. Encryption is important, but there are times where it's unneeded, and forcing people to use it when they don't want/need it would just make for even more carelessness with certificates than we're already seeing today. For instance, the server serves the exact same copy of this webpage to anyone who requests it, so there's no point in encrypting it. Encryption would just add more time consuming round trips, use more battery power, and require me to buy a certificate.

Apparently most of the browser makers are already on the case, no mention of Safari, though. I'm interested to see how much faster HTTP 2 will be in practice.

Read the article - posted 2015-02-18

De nadagen van de bovengrondse trein in Delft

Deze zaterdag rijdt de laatste trein bovengronds door Delft. Een week lang rijden er dan helemaal geen treinen, en vanaf 28 februari rijden de treinen door de nieuwe tunnel en stoppen ondergronds op het nieuwe station.

Als openbaarvervoer-fotograaf voelde ik mij uiteraard genoodzaakt foto's te maken zolang het nog kon.

Lees het artikel - geplaatst 2015-02-17

A battery breakthrough would explain the Apple car

The latest Apple rumor is that they're working on a car. A rumor that is easily dismissed:

❝The fantastic Apple Car is a fantasy.❞

But is it? What would it take for Apple to start making cars?

Full article / permalink - posted 2015-02-16

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