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Hi, I'm Iljitsch van Beijnum, writer, freelance network engineer and PhD student. I'm from The Hague. Some of the blog posts here are in Dutch, others are in English. See for just work-related posts.

→ "How junk food can end obesity"

I've been reading up on nutrition the past year and a lot of the articles and videos you find online espouse the notion that natural is good and processed is bad. This article in The Atlantic by David Freedman from almost a year ago makes a compelling case that it's the (fast) food industry that could help give us healthier food with more high tech food engineering rather than less.

Read the article - posted 2014-04-16

Het nieuwe centraal station van Rotterdam

Het nieuwe centraal station van Rotterdam.

Image link - posted 2014-04-14

België is wereldleider met 15% IPv6-gebruikers

Het is alweer negen jaar geleden dat mijn boek over IPv6 uitkwam. Had je me destijds gevraagd of in maart 2014 in België 15% van de eindgebruikers IPv6 zou draaien, dan had ik vast "ja, tuurlijk" gezegd. En ruim 6% van de Amerikanen? Vast wel, daar hebben ze nog zoveel IPv4, die hebben minder haast. Maar dat het in Nederland maar 1,1% is en in China zelfs iets minder dan 1%? Nee, dat zou ik niet gedacht hebben. Nederland was tien jaar geleden immers een Europese voorloper op IPv6-gebied, en iedereen wist dat Azië het beloofde IPv6-land was. Vreemd hoe die dingen kunnen lopen.

Full article / permalink - posted 2014-03-30

Wikipedia and lunatic charlatans

I just love this story on Ars Technica by Megan Geuss: Wikipedia founder calls alt-medicine practitioners “lunatic charlatans”.

Full article / permalink - posted 2014-03-26

The navy is keeping and eye on the Nuclear Security Summit

When I heard about navy ships patrolling the coast off of The Hague during the Nuclear Security Summit I was expecting bigger ships... From the beach I couldn't even tell whether this was a navy ship or a yacht, especially because it's so bright white. But the canon on the front deck kind of gives it away.

And of course I included my favorite photographic subject, the oil rig.

Permalink - posted 2014-03-23

The Nikon D7100 is useless for video

Earlier, I posted a video filmed with my Nikon D7100 DSLR.

The video came out pretty good, although it's rather boring and I really should be even more careful making sure m tripod is level. However, the D7100 is pretty useless for video.

Full article / permalink - posted 2014-03-19

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