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Hi, I'm Iljitsch van Beijnum, writer, freelance network engineer and PhD student. I'm from The Hague. Some of the blog posts here are in Dutch, others are in English. See for just work-related posts.



Image link - posted 2014-10-26

Power use of bluetooth vs Wi-Fi vs wired audio on the iPhone 5

With all this bluetooth audio going on, I wondered: how much power does playing back audio over bluetooth use? So I tested this. The tests then snowballed as I got curious about audio over Wi-Fi, or having bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi on when the phone is idle. All the tests were done on an iPhone 5 with a freshly replaced battery under iOS 7.

Full article / permalink - posted 2014-10-21

Disabling logging in to a Mac with an Apple ID

If you have more than on Mac, it can be very useful to mount another system's drives or share another system's screen. Obviously you have to provide a username and a password for this, or the entire internet would be able to get at your Mac once you enable these services in the Sharing pane of the System Preferences.

A few years ago, a new way to log in to another Mac appeared: with your Apple ID...

Full article / permalink - posted 2014-10-20

Bluetooth earbuds: Jaybird Bluebuds X

With the impending arrival of the Apple Watch, it's time to start looking for some new bluetooth headphones/earbuds...

Full article / permalink - posted 2014-10-14

Apple Watch speculation

Almost two years ago, I speculated about what an iWatch might be like. So let's see how well I did. And then speculate some more about the things we still don't know.

Full article / permalink - posted 2014-10-07

We have a very handsome water tower in The Hague

We have a very handsome water tower in The Hague

Image link - posted 2014-10-02

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