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Day against DRM: save 50% on my BGP ebook and 7999 other O'Reilly ebooks today

Posted 2014-05-06

Today, May 6th, is International Day Against DRM. Digital Rights Management restricts what you, the consumer, can do with the digital content you buy. In the beginning it doesn't seem so bad, but then a device breaks and it turns out you can't take your content with you on a different device. But I especially worry about forgotten content in the future that will stay forgotten in the future as it's locked down by long forgotten DRM schemes. Read all about it at defectivebydesign.org.

The good news is that O'Reilly has been using DRM-free formats such as PDF and ePub for their electronic books for years. And today, you can buy 8000 O'Reilly ebook titles at 50% off!

That of course includes my book "BGP": today, you only pay $16.

Remember, if you're going to do our BGP training course (the next one is June 2nd), a paper copy of the book is included. But if you prefer to have the DRM-free ebook instead, buy it today at the 50% discount. You can then use the ebook and not get the paper book during the training course and you'll save € 25.

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